Churchills Port

Founded in 1981 by John Graham, Churchill’s is the first new British Port wine company established in more than 50 years.

Churchill’s Port grew from John Graham’s desire to continue his family’s Port making tradition by setting up a company to produce his own, individual style of wine. It was his wife, Caroline Churchill, who provided the company with its name. Compared to other Port Wine shippers, most of which were established around the turn of the 18th-to-19th centuries, Churchill’s history is short.

In only 35 years of trading, however, the company has built an enviable reputation for producing Port Wines of the highest quality, reflected by their impressive performance at comparative tastings over this time.

Churchill’s is today positioned in the industry as a high quality “boutique” Port and Douro Wine Company, specializing in premium Port and Douro wines. Churchill’s range includes vintage-dated Ports, Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) Ports, Finest Reserve, and 20-Year and 10-Year Tawny Ports. Churchill’s also offer a White Port, which is an extremely popular aperitif, served on the rocks or with tonic.

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A quick tour and introduction to Oporto

In 1999 Churchill’s bought Quinta da Gricha, a 125-acre Grade “A” Vineyard estate situated on the south bank of the River Douro between Pinhão and Tua, in the prestigious Cima Corgo sub-region of the demarcated Douro Port Wine region. All Churchill’s Ports are produced at the Quinta da Gricha winery in the traditional granite “lagares” or grape-treading tanks built in 1852. Since the acquisition of the Quinta da Gricha vineyards in 1999, Churchill’s has also been developing Churchill Estates to produce dry Douro wines.